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Próximos lanzamientos espaciales

Lanzamiento de vehículos espaciales

Próximos lanzamientos

En esta página encontrarás la información de los próximos lanzamientos de vehículos espaciales, actualizada cada 15 minutos. La hora está en formato UTC, por lo que piensa que para España tienes que sumarle 2 horas en horario de verano y 1 hora en horario de invierno.

Soyuz 2.1v | EMKA

24-07-2021 / 19:59:47 UTC

Tipo: Soyuz
Proveedor: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
Plataforma: 43/4 (43R)
Desde: 2021-07-24T19:00:00Z
Hasta: 2021-07-24T21:00:00Z

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The payload of this launch is reported to be a small reconnaissance satellite called EMKA which stands for "Experimental Small Space Apparatus".

Ariane 5 ECA | Star One D2 & Eutelsat Quantum

30-07-2021 / 21:00:00 UTC

Tipo: Ariane 5
Proveedor: Arianespace
Plataforma: Ariane Launch Area 3
Desde: 2021-07-30T21:00:00Z
Hasta: 2021-07-30T22:30:00Z

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Star One D2 is a 6.2 tons satellite built by Space Systems Loral for operator Star One, subsidiary of Brazilian Embratel. Its architecture is based on a SSL-1300 platform and equipped with C, X, Ku and Ka-band transceivers. It will provide communications services to Latin America for at least 15 years. Eutelsat Quantum is an experimental communications satellite carrying a payload able to be reconfigured by software. It is developed by ESA, Eutelsat and Airbus Defence and Space.

Antares 230+ | Cygnus CRS-2 NG-16 (S.S. Ellison Onizuka)

10-08-2021 / 21:55:00 UTC

Tipo: Antares
Proveedor: Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems
Plataforma: Launch Area 0 A
Desde: 2021-08-10T21:55:00Z
Hasta: 2021-08-10T21:55:00Z

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This is the 16th planned flight of the Orbital ATK's uncrewed resupply spacecraft Cygnus and its 15th flight to the International Space Station under the Commercial Resupply Services contract with NASA. This Cygnus spacecraft is named after American astronaut Ellison Onizuka who died in the destruction of the Space Shuttle Challenger.

Falcon 9 Block 5 | Dragon CRS-2 SpX-23

18-08-2021 / 10:00:00 UTC

Tipo: Falcon
Proveedor: SpaceX
Plataforma: Launch Complex 39A
Desde: 2021-08-18T10:00:00Z
Hasta: 2021-08-18T10:00:00Z

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SpaceX will launch the cargo variant of its Dragon 2 spacecraft on their 23rd commercial resupply services mission to the International Space Station. The flight will be conducted under the second Commercial Resupply Services contract with NASA. Dragon will be filled with supplies and payloads, including critical materials to directly support science and research investigations that occur onboard the orbiting laboratory.

Long March 2D | Tianhui-1-04

29-07-2021 / 03:55:00 UTC

Tipo: Long March
Proveedor: China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
Plataforma: Launch Area 4 (SLS-2 / 603)
Desde: 2021-07-29T03:45:00Z
Hasta: 2021-07-29T04:21:00Z

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TH 1 (Tianhui-1 = "Sky drawing") is a Chinese stereo-topographic mapping satellite operated by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The satellites are built by the Hangtian Dongfanghong Weixing Corporation and the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and the Chinese Academy of Space Technology (CAST). The satellites operate on a 500 km circular sun synchronous orbit. Electrical power is provided by two deployable solar panels that is stored on onboard batteries. They are equipped with a three-dimensional survey camera and a CCD camera with a ground resolution of 5 meters, spectral region of 0.51 µm to 0.69 µm and with a camera angle of 25 degrees. Also on board is a multi-spectral camera with a ground resolution of 10 meters operating in four spectral bands of 0.43 µm to 0.52 µm, 0.52 µm to 0.61 µm, 0.61 µm to 0.69 µm, and 0.76 µm to 0.90 µm. The swath width of the cameras is 60 kilometers wide.

MOMO | Flight 6

31-07-2021 / 02:00:00 UTC

Tipo: MOMO
Proveedor: Interstellar Technologies
Plataforma: Taiki-cho, Hokkaido, Japan
Desde: 2021-07-31T02:00:00Z
Hasta: 2021-07-31T03:20:00Z

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Despite the MOMO unit's number, this is the seventh flight of the sounding rocket. Company aims to reach space for the third time.


12-08-2021 / 00:13:00 UTC

Tipo: PSLV
Proveedor: Indian Space Research Organization
Plataforma: Satish Dhawan Space Centre Second Launch Pad
Desde: 2021-08-12T00:13:00Z
Hasta: 2021-08-12T00:13:00Z

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GISAT-1 is an Indian earth observation satellite to be launched in geostationary orbit. It is tasked with continuous observation of Indian sub-continent and quick monitoring of natural hazards and disaster. GISAT carries an imaging payload consisting of of multi-spectral, multi-resolution from 50 m to 1.5 km. It will provide pictures of the area of interest on near real time basis including border areas.

Atlas V N22 | CST-100 Starliner Orbital Flight Test 2 (Uncrewed)

30-07-2021 / 18:53:00 UTC

Tipo: Atlas
Proveedor: United Launch Alliance
Plataforma: Space Launch Complex 41
Desde: 2021-07-30T18:53:00Z
Hasta: 2021-07-30T18:53:00Z

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This is the second uncrewed test flight for the Starliner spacecraft. Reflight of the OFT mission will allow Boeing to demonstrate readiness of the spacecraft and implement corrections to the problems which were found during the first OFT flight.

Vega | Pléiades Neo 4

10-08-2021 / 01:50:00 UTC

Tipo: Vega
Proveedor: Arianespace
Plataforma: Ariane Launch Area 1
Desde: 2021-08-10T01:50:00Z
Hasta: 2021-08-10T01:50:00Z

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Pléiades Neo is a constellation of four optical high-resolution Earth observation satellites built and operated by Airbus. It is a dual purpose constellation, serving both civilian and military purposes. Pléiades Neo 4 is the second satellite in the constellation which is to deliver imagery with spatial resolution of 30 cm. It is launched along with several rideshare payloads.

Atlas V 551 | STP-3

15-08-2021 / 00:00:00 UTC

Tipo: Atlas
Proveedor: United Launch Alliance
Plataforma: Space Launch Complex 41
Desde: 2021-08-15T00:00:00Z
Hasta: 2021-08-15T00:00:00Z

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Rideshare mission with the STPSat-6 satellite and six secondary payloads for the US Air Force. STPSat-6 carries the NNSA's Space and Atmospheric Burst Reporting System-3 (SABRS-3) payload and NASA's Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) experiment.

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